Craigsfarm Community Wellbeing Programme

The Hub provides a vital and affordable service to the community through its well-being and resilience programme addressing the mental health needs of the Craigshill and broader West Lothian community. We help build connected and inclusive communities where individuals are supported to build good mental health and well-being, and to work to reduce the risk factors for poor mental health.

Our Community Well-being and Resilience Programme is a vital means of engagement for those who find themselves dealing with stress and anxiety and those that are socially isolated, and a welcome well-being focus for community members and groups of friends.

What support is available?

Community wellbeing and Resilience Programme provides a range of support, including:

• Short term well-being activities and courses tailored to a person’s interest and need

• Social and community connections to build resilience, as well as linking across services and helping people, to manage stressful situations, such as threats of homelessness, financial difficulties, and social isolation.

• A safe and welcoming place to meet in the Community café.

Activities and courses under the Craigsfarm Community Health & Well-being Programme include:

• Active Listening,

• Counselling,

• Stepping Stones Bereavement Support,

• Yoga for Health & Well-being,

• Meditation,

• Art for Mindfulness,

• Shinrin-Yoku (Nature therapy),

• Men’s Art Group

• Men’s Club, and

• Intuitive dance

These activities offer a range of opportunities for individuals to engage in self-care, foster their mental and emotional health, and connect with others in a supportive environment.

More information:

For further information about The Well-being Hub, referrals and to request our brochure or if you have a general enquiry or are already attending the Hub, please contact us at:


Whilst we offer our Well-being courses for free, we welcome any contribution to the programme. Donations can be made at the Hub Reception.