Our Team

Arlene McGowan

Arlene joined Craigsfarm as Finance Assistant just over a year ago.

Her previous work experience includes 23 years with HSBC bank working in administration, Arlene also set up and organised a weekly children’s club in Winchburgh where she lives, providing a range of after school activities and outings for 5-10 year olds

Arlene has 2 grandchildren and loves spending time with them. In her spare time Arlene enjoys walking her little dog Teddy, listening to music, reading and working in her garden.

Manuela Coletti

Manuela is the Manager of the Community Wellbeing and Resilience Programme at Craigsfarm Community Hub. She leads the team delivering the wellbeing programme as well as spearheading the programme monitoring and evaluation work.

Manuela joined Craigsfarm in mid 2021 as we were emerging from the lockdowns of the pandemic. She developed and led the programme of research to inform the development of the Craigsfarm Community Wellbeing and Resilience and designed the programme based on community engagement and participation.  Before joining Craigsfarm, she worked as a consultant working in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Burkina Faso working on poverty alleviation programmes, specifically around child protection, child labour, community based domestic violence programming and livelihoods programming. She has also worked on financial inclusion programming and the introduction of a No Interest Loan scheme in Ireland. Programmes she has designed have received international awards, and she represented her organisation at the WHO Health 2020 in Turkmenistan.

Prior to her time as an international consultant, Manuela worked with several international charities as Programme Director on poverty alleviation programmes in diverse countries in Central Asia, the Caucuses and Africa. She also worked with the Ministry of Justice in Victoria, Australia

Fixe and Sophie

Fixe and Sophie are two beloved members of Craigsfarm’s Wellbeing and Resilience team. They are friendly, gentle, and non-judgmental, making them ideal companions for anyone who needs a little extra help and support.

Fixe and Sophie are an integral part of the team, and their presence has helped many people to feel more relaxed, calm and at ease. They are much-loved members of the programme and their contributions are greatly appreciated.

Aga Korsak

Aga facilitates our evening Yoga, Polish Yoga, Meditation and Intuitive Dance. Born in Poland.

I have been living in Scotland for 18 years and I love it. Since I was a child, I have always helped others and I have never been indifferent to human suffering. From account’s education. I am very interested in spirituality. I love yoga, hiking, meeting new people and cultures, and generally I’m very interested in people and their behaviour. I finished my HNC in psychology and I’m thinking of going down that road. My adventure with yoga began 6 years ago and had a significant impact on my life. Last year I completed a seasonal yoga teacher training course. I started working with Craigsfarm Community Hub in October 2021 and I love it. Since then, I have been teaching yoga, and I also run meditation/breathing and Intuitive Dance classes in blocks. I like to infect people with love and positive attitude, because “Love is all we need”!

Cath Wright

Cath runs our Nature Bathing [Shinrin Yoku] courses.

Cath is a qualified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides.  After experiencing the practice of Nature and Forest Therapy and realising how positive the effects where on her own mental health, she knew she wanted to train to guide sessions to help people find the benefits she experienced. Cath qualified as a Therapist in 2020.

Janette Cameron

Janette works within the Wellbeing & Resilience programme as our Active Listener and Signposting Officer. Janette is a qualified Transformational Coach with a over a decade of experience working with communities and is passionate about empowering individuals to believe in themselves. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, Janette is dedicated to helping people reach their full potential. She dedicates herself to truly understanding the concerns and needs of those around her and strives to be provide a supportive and empathetic ear to those in need. Whether through her Active Listening, coaching work or simply as a concerned member of the community, Janette is always there to listen and help.

Katherine Fay Allan

Katherine runs our Art for Wellbeing courses. She is an interdisciplinary artist based in Edinburgh. Katherine studied Art and Philosophy at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours. Her degree showpiece ‘The rest of us… we just go gardening’ was recognised for its therapeutic nature and was awarded the Healthcare Designed in Dundee Prize 2019. Due to the role that creativity plays in maintaining her own sense of well-being, Katherine has worked as a therapeutic arts facilitator since 2017, supporting participants in their attempts to get well and stay well through the arts. Her experience of working within this field has solidified her desire to provide participants with a safe and supportive environment that offers time to recoup, relax and focus solely on something they enjoy.

Photograph taken by: Usama Diaz @usamadz.photograph

Miriam McHardy

Miriam is our Counsellor in Training within our Counselling 4 All programme, she also facilitates our Mindfulness for Women courses and our Women’s Day retreats. Miriam has over twenty-five years’ experience as a trainer, facilitator and spiritual director working in community development, social action and adult formation and it’s led her to believe that, sometimes, having someone to listen is all that you need.

For the past five years she has been working with groups and individuals on the importance of self-care, mental wellbeing and stress management. At the heart of this is her belief that by listening, being curious and showing compassion, we can learn to support each other in a space where nothing’s off limits, laughs come easily and you can be who you really are.

Shirley Loughlin

Shirley runs our day Yoga and Meditation courses. Shirley was first introduced to yoga at night class in Craigshill High School 50 years ago and has never stopped learning. Twenty years ago, she qualified as a Yogabugs children’s Yoga Teacher and taught in schools and nurseries in West Lothian. Shirley continued to train with the Scottish Yoga Teachers Association (now Yoga Scotland) and Viniyoga (now the AYS). Most recently she graduated from Seasonal Yoga TT. A committed life-long learner, Shirley is now studying Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release.

Jacob Scott

My name is Jacob Scott and my preferred pronouns are he/him.

I am a Dundee based Artist whose art journey started at Dundee College studying Contemporary Art, then continued at Duncan Of Jordanstone College Of Art and Design. While at University, I began volunteering at a local, art focused, mental health charity called Art Angel. This job showed me the wider therapeutic value of art and ultimately led me to my current job at SAMH where I work as a Support Worker. I have been working in Mental Health for over eight years now and enjoy combining my two passions of working in Mental Health care and Art. I was also a full time Gardener/Landscaper for around five years and still enjoy working outside as I am an active and practical person. As for my art, my practice mostly focuses around painting and sculpture but I also work in a variety of mixed media. Art has always been a self indulgent passion for me and a place I can escape to. I truly believe in the therapeutic value of a creative outlet and having your own world with your own rules you can get lost in. Drama, TV and movies are my second passion that take up a lot of my spare time. I enjoy playing video games, am a keen movie buff who is a big nerd that enjoys all things sci-fi. I believe that art is for everyone and should not be scary and intimidating. There is no right or wrong in art. As long as you enjoy yourself, as far as I’m concerned, you’re winning. My art has always been my therapy and a place where I can process my own mental health. But I do also enjoy a good bath and audio book from time to time to help unwind.