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About Us

Craigsfarm Community Development Project (CFCDP) is a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation that exists to promote the social, physical and economic wellbeing of the Craigshill Community.  Our history dates back to 1967 when we first delivered services and projects from Craigsfarm, one of the oldest buildings in Craigshill, and from then on supported its development into a much loved community space.

More than forty years on, having continued to meet the needs of the community through our growing membership we were successful in delivering a range of services from the building including our popular community café, which employed 3 members of staff.  The building had also become home to more than 12 local organisations delivering a regular programme of community services; youth clubs and activities for young people, counselling services, music, dance, fitness and health improvement classes, and home for a vital service to support those affected by still birth or neonatal death.


A new era

The year 2016, signalled a new era for Craigsfarm when the building was brought under community control after a successful asset transfer from West Lothian Council, and funding was secured to redevelop the building into a fit for purpose, modern community space for community life. The new and improved Craigsfarm has been informed by consultation with the local community; has better accessibility, a larger and brighter café space, dedicated counselling space and large multifunctional area which can be used for a variety of purposes.

The new hub continues to support a range of individuals and groups, and has increased capacity to support groups with new activities and facilities which can better support the needs of children, the older generation and those experiencing poor mental health.

Cafe and operational team

Craigsfarm Community Development Project has a number of Café and Operational staff who are vital to the way we welcome and make everyone feel that they belong at Craigsfarm. So, if you are a volunteer, tenant, community partner, a café customer or use the Hub for any other purpose then our Café and Operational staff team will be happy to help with any query or requirement you may have while using the Hub or it associated projects and services.

Our Governing Board

Our voluntary Board of Directors is made up of people who live locally, as well others who have had a long standing involvement with Craigsfarm either through their work or through volunteering at Craigsfarm. The Board is responsible for the governance and for the overall strategic direction of organisation and Community Hub facilities. The majority of the Board is drawn from the local community, supporting community ownership of the building and ensuring that Craigsfarm is run by the community for the community.

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