Event name: Reiki Share Circle
Days: Please contact Jennifer (details below)
Timings: As above

Jennifer Stroud from Element Practice invites you to join her at Craigsfarm to ‘Share’ as a group and honour the beautiful healers in all of us. All levels of Reiki are welcome, as well as those not yet attuned. It is a relaxed and informal circle of friendship and love. As well as a great opportunity to work with energy in a group setting and share experiences with others.

How Does Reiki Share Work?

A major benefit is the combined wisdom and skill from multiple healers with different levels of practice and experience.

Healing time spent on the table is shorter than a 1-2-1 Reiki session, but recipients receive Reiki healing from several pairs of hands simultaneously for a more powerful healing effect.

The practitioners benefit from giving Reiki as well as receiving it. In addition to giving and receiving Reiki, Reiki shares offer participants the opportunity to:

  • Make friends with like-minded people and build our Community.
  • Learn about Reiki through peer support.
  • Experience Reiki in a group setting

For more information, booking and payment details please contact Jennifer Stroud at Element Practice on 07480 404008 or via her website contact page.